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management software for workshops!

IPSO Biz Fab is designed to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability in workshops. It contains more than 75 KPIs to help getting better performance and better results.

Our expertise of over 20 years in manufacturing has enabled us to understand your problems and offer simple software that better matches your needs.


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Why choose IPSO Biz?

Support businesses by providing quality and affordable softwares.
Ensuring the growth of SMEs with innovative management software.
Providing our customers with excellent customer service.

The MODULES you need !

System features (Some of the most important…)

Security (Network version only)
User access can be controlled per module and if needed, you can set up access per window. Each user can only access what he is allowed to.

SQL solid (Network version only)
IPSO Biz multi-user system runs on Hyperfile Sql because of it’s high capacity and low cost. SQL licences are included in all multi-user versions.

Built for performance
More than 75 KPIs have been integrated in IPSO Biz making it quite easy to have up-to-the-minute statistics for making the right decisions.

Communication templates
You can set up communication templates to handle all email and regular communications so you can power up your company’s image. Most of “Business-in-a-box” 600 or so letter and email templates are compatible.

Users can select their interface language (french or english). Main documents (purchase orders,invoices, packing slips and all communications) can be created it the language of the partner / contact.

All-in-one ERP
All modules of IPSO Biz are tightly integrated for organizational performance and reduced lead time.

Integrated CRM
Integration of the CRM inside IPSO Biz makes it an extremely powerful communication tool for quick mass emailing and sales follow-up.

IPSO Biz typically will handle over 95% of your needs. However you might have atypical business needs that should be taken care of. Our technical staff certainly will be glad to look into your specific needs and propose solutions.

ico_64x64_bilanAccounting has never been easier!

In addition to a complete accounting module,  IPSO Biz can interface with many popular accounting packages like Acomba, Acomba X*, Advantage and Sage 50 (Simply accounting).


Compatible with popular accounting softwares
You already have an accounting solution – Avantage* Acomba Acomba X* or Sage50? IPSO Biz can interface with any of these products so you can keep using them for your accounting and use IPSO Biz for the rest of your business.  IPSO Biz also contains a full fledged accounting module that can take care of all all accounting needs of a SME.

Accounts receivable
Account statements, statistics, aging report, easy cashing in, deposit slip, multi-currency, credit limits*, customer blocking.

Accounts payable
Easy payment, statistics, aging report, check or direct payment.

General ledger
Journal entries, lists and reports.

Forecast revenues and expenses over three years, Budget analysis.

Conciliation available for all accounts

Financial statements
Balance sheet, Income statement,  summaries.
Tax management,  Currency management.

In process.

Capture d’écran 2015-05-13 à 09.28.11

ico_64x64_devisUse IPSO Biz for your quotes and save time !

Manage your quotes as never before, and, in one click, convert them into orders. The planning and underlying MRP systems will take over to achieve shop efficiency.  No more delays,  no more double entry.

Flexible quoting system,  integrated suppliers tender, easy purchase order conversion,  historical and statistical data. Print or send by email your quotes and easily track via our CRM module.

Complete order management, complete logs, Open order report and statistics. Print or send by e-mail, integrated document management*.

Some features: flexibility – tax, currencies and terms can be set per document, graphical analysis, customer deposit management, invoice by % of completion, highlight ready-to-invoice lines, credit limits*, customer blocking  and management reports.

This module is fully integrated with the planning system provided in IPSO Biz, which significantly reduces the delay for purchasing the material and to release the work orders while eliminating duplicate data entry and the risk of errors.


ico_64x64_facturation (1)

Billing becomes a breeze!

This module allows to ship and bill easily, quickly and precisely.

Load shipping in one click: included shipping documents, identification tags, automatically checks inventory availability, output materials with or without lot numbers.

Close your bills by transferring them to client accounts with a click. Flexibility (taxes, terms and currencies on each invoice), automatic management of deposits, credit notes, debit notes. Complete history and graphic sales statistics. Integrated communication module.

ico_64x64_inventairesFull inventory tracking with IPSO Biz!

Manage your inventory efficiently with full transaction tracking for each inventory lot.  Unlimited capacity.

Stocks / Transactions
Multi-site, multi-batch, expiration date management, complete tracking of each lot, support for non-stockable items,  statistics and integrated KPIs.

Physical counts*
Stock counting procedures, start counting from scratch or from current stocks, stock list and discrepancy report.

Fully integrated into the MRP system to avoid shortages and optimally manage you stock levels.

ico_64x64_gestionachatsBuy as never before, IPSO Biz has an embedded MRP system.

Integrated MRP makes it easy to purchase while keeping a lower inventory and eliminating shortages.

Purchase recommendations
The MRP system summarizes inventory, sales, purchases and work orders in a recommendation list.  It also can use Min/Max.  Purchase with one click.   No more shortages and lower inventory.

Purchase order
Complete management of purchase orders,  price requests, supplier’s price list, multi-currency, historical data and statistics.

Receiving management, labels, receiving report, multiple receivings, historical data, statistics and reports .


ico_64x64_cartedetempsIntegrated time management!

Complete system to handle time cards for shop and office employees. To calculate an accurate production cost, evaluate indirect labor and prepare payroll.

Time cards
In project mode (weekly) or in manufacturing mode (daily), employees can enter their own time and supervisors can handle their department’s time cards at once.  Time bank management, vacation, sick days, and indirect labor, time card normalization prior transfer to existing payroll software. Productivity and management reporting.

The ultimate shop floor control…
An optionnal “Shop floor control” is available to make data acquisition directly from the shop floor so your employees can enter time directly into the system with touch screens and barcode devices.


ico_64x64_planificationPlanning ’till you drop !

Indispensable tool for any business that needs to deliver on time and better control their future…

Graphical planning (Gantt)
Manage your labour resources like never before with finite capacity planning.  Set priorities,  automatically schedule your workshop, working day calendar, work schedule, Gantt

Displaying the load (infinite capacity)


ico_64x64_enproductionManage your factory as never before!

 Complete work order management, production costs and planning for workshops.

pngbase645df6c5dcd81017e9Bill of materials

Including labor, calculation of estimated costs, set up costs, the conversion of units of measure, multilevel (products items).

Work orders
Use system recommendations to easily create work orders,  integrated production cost (estimated, planned and actual), profitability statistics, barcoded.

Business costs
Calculation of planned and actual costs for each work order, profitability calculation.

icones_64x64_saisiededonneesShop floor data accessible!

Data acquisition for shop floor, integrated, easy and effective.

Factory data entry window for shop floor attendance and activities.


ico_64x64_crmControl your sales force..

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a must for those who expect growth from sales.

Profiling, mass emailing , complete communcation history, sales utomation, contact management.

Sales funnels
Sales process levels, graphical display.

Unlimited mailing lists, mass emailing and letters, integrated with communication module.

Email and letter template to standardize and facilitate your communications and give your company a professional image at all time. Full communication history, statistics, monitoring and alerts, communication templates are compatible with “business in a box” documents.


ico_64x64_facturation (1)Point of sales for your boutique!

(2016 version)

Point of sale
Direct sales (over the counter), account payments, credits , returns, coupons , discounts , can pick up the address or email your customers, sending cash register receipts by email, compliant with modern equipment, reports and statistics.  Integrated with actual orders, invoicing and Account receivable.

Perform all your transactions from a single application, the POS is extremely effective, especially since it is integrated in IPSO Biz system.

ico_64x64_listedetachesOption – Performance to challenge yourself…

Better management for better performance.  The first module designed to help management carry on their objectives.

Company policies

Contains company policies, easy maintenance,  easy distribution

Human ressources
Job descriptions, employee evaluations, personal informations…

Task management
Setting priorities and assigning tasks.

Management committees
Manage your committees easily with meeting management system so you will not loose track of objectives.

Display performance indicators
Factory or office billboard software (requires customization)


Recent articles

Customer testimonials

“From the very beginning, the IPSO team has demonstrated its willingness to support and assist us by adding some important features for my business, such as information security.”
Dominic Longpré, President of INITIAL-LED
“I use IPSO Biz Fabrication in my business and it’s a really great management tool.”
Jean-Martial Fotso, President of Conseil Qualité Lean
“In IPSO Biz Fab, I finally found a complete management solution that’s easy to learn and use. IPSO Biz Fab offers all the tools I need to manage my business.”
David Charette, President of Davibois
“Through management and timesheet entry with IPSO Biz Fab, it’s easier than ever to track the costs associated with my projects at all times.”
Alexandre Legault, Co-owner of SMAK Design


Solo edition

$695 kick-off

Subscription mode
Installation on a single PC
(Windows XP and later)

Kick-off includes:
3 months unlimited service
2 hours training

Pay-as-you-go mode
30 days money back garantee


Network edition

$2895 kick-off

Subscription mode
3 users licence

Kick-off includes:
Hyperfile SQL database installation
3 months unlimited service
8 hours training

Additional users: $495 + $50/month

Pay-as-you-go mode
30 days money back garantee


“Service” includes an access to all updates and new versions of the product, (toll free) tech. support, remote tech access when needed and access to our secure e-Learning center.

Network version will be installed on your non-virtual windows server. Users may access via RDP connection (Mac & pc) or direct installation on end-user pc.

“Subscription mode”, is a contractless pay-as-you-go mode. Subscriptions include software usage and service. The software is installed on your premises (server or pc)

IPSO Biz can also be purchased. A service plan is then available to keep your software up to date and in line with future technologies. Call us for the details.

A hosted version (accessible via RDP connections over Internet) is also available. Please call us for the details.

Included training hours should be used within one year after installation.

Prices may change without notice. All prices in Canadian Dollars.

Designed to manage WORKSHOPS!

Startling statistics

  • over 75 KPIs
  • Sustainability of expertise
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Live shop productivity
  • Actual production costs calculations

Tangible benefits

  • 75% reduction in purchasing time
  • 5% to 10% workshop productivity gain
  • 15% to 20% efficiency gain in offices
  • Better planning

To convince you…

  • 11 integrated modules working in synergy
  • Very simple to implement
  • Adapted web training
  • Enjoy continuous software improvement
  • Enjoy instant technical support
Customer satisfaction 100%

With IPSO Biz Fab, be more efficient, better organized and take control of your organization!