By Michel Boisvert, President of IPSO Technologies

One of the first start-up of purchases is accounting software. Essential to the management of accounts payable and receivable, it is clear that this necessary tool in the early stages of a business can be a brake on the expansion of its business… Understand that all growth brings new needs management, therefore the integrated ERP software are preferred.

The loss of efficiency: the main problem to growth

As most of our clients, you probably use a generic type of accounting software like Quickbook, Wave, Sage, Acomba, Dynacom, Advantage, etc. With this type of generic software poorly suited to your needs, your SME growth could be curbed, and at several levels:

  • increasing the time
  • errors are more common
  • the use of external subsystems spreads
  • lost time to transcribe the same information in several different systems

These are all signs that indicate that your system is not enough. More sales volume increases, the situation deteriorates and slows the growth and profitability of your business. It is time to consider a new management system to ensure the sustainability of the organization by a healthy and profitable growth.

“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” – Thomas A. Edison


Your best growth asset: management software ERP / ERP

To grow, your business needs effective management tools to optimize resources and facilitate its operations. The profit margin must be secured and not blocked by transaction costs that increase. Integrated Management Planning (ERP) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are business software, whose task is to improve the company’s business processes.

Much more than just accounting software, the management software is designed to help companies better manage: planning, organizing and controlling. In addition to the financial modules, software ERP / ERP integrate planning and monitoring tools and tools to assist its staff to perform their daily operations. They thus ensure the optimal use of your resources.

This software facilitates the controls and some are even equipped with performance indicators (KPI) to continuously improve internal processes. A growing software company will use ERP / ERP, in order to increase its efficiency and profitability and thus benefit from a significant technological advantage over its competitors.

The insured profitability?

Software ERP / ERP successfully implemented will allow your company to be more efficient, to save money on many levels and better serve your customers. However, software ERP / ERP are not all equal in both efficiency and profitability. It is therefore important to choose a software ERP / ERP that fits well in your business and generate enough resources to successfully complete its implementation.

As implantation is the key to success, go for a reliable provider that is proven and will know how to support you in the process. Still not sure? Learn about how to calculate the ROI of ERP!