Any entrepreneur seeks to improve the productivity of their business, but sometimes it is very difficult to know where to start and what actions can have the greatest impact. Here are some tips to help you increase your competitiveness.

Key # 1 : time.

Time is the key to everything and says it well adage time is money! The loss of time is the greatest loss of business income. If it is effective in its work and that optimizes operations, the productivity will be severely improved. Plan your activities and those of your employees, schedule your day, optimize your every move and especially, avoid having to do things twice. Many entrepreneurs tap their bids in accounting software before transcribing them into an Excel™ file and another to start production and have a rough idea of ​​their cost, the profit margin and productivity of their business.

Key # 2: have its handy tools.

All planning is based on having everything you need at hand . We would not see an employee in the corridor looking for a screwdriver or pencil , it’s the same for you . The centralization of data is a key element : do not have to search for the information you need.

Key # 3 have the right tools.

Of course, having the hand tools is necessary, but is it necessary to have the right tools. Therefore, instead of having multiple management tools that are often expensive, it is better to be equipped with a management tool “all-in-one” allowing you to do everything you need the same point, the same screen without having to search and ideally just a few clicks (order, invoice, purchasing, planning, inventory, production, customer relationship management CRM, accountancy etc).

Key # 4: power generating performance indicators.

Finally, in order to have a clear idea of ​​what is happening in the business, it’s good to have performance indicators that allow you to take good strategic decisions.

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